Is xDating A Scam? Find Out Now!

If I’ve been asked it once I’ve been asked it a million times. Everyone wants to know all about xdating. I must have 10 people a week either email or verbally as me, “Is xdating a scam?” and I’m officially tired of having to answer the question over and over. Instead, I’ve decided to go ahead and write a blog post on this topic for you to reference. Keep reading…


For starters, when people ask me about xdating, I have to ask them to clarify whether or not they are referring to the website or just xdating in general. For those of you that like to use hookup sites or xdating websites, then you’re in luck! I’m here to confirm that there are more than enough so-called xdating websites that you can become a member of if you want to get laid. I use them all the time actually to find local girls  wanting to fuck in my hometown. They’re fast, realiable and easy to use for most people. However, if you’re referring specifically to, I’d have to say that I’ve never actually used it.

The only reason I haven’t used the site is because I have so much success using other sites that I’ve been a member of for years. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t join this site. It’s just that I prefer to use the one in the screenshot below.

is xdating a scam

Now, if you can’t get laid and you convince me enough that you absolutely can’t get any pussy after joining this site, I will personally see that you get your money back. However, I’m almost positive that it’s never going to come down to this, ever. It’s almost impossible not to get laid when you join a sex network like this. Join the rest of society and stop being such a boring individual!

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How To Impress A Girl

Even if you have a dating site that you can connect with girls on, you still need to impress them enough to make them want to hook up with you. Here are a few tips on how to impress a girl. I’d suggest that you pay close attention to each of them and read them twice. If you screw this up then you’re not going to get laid. Take these tips very seriously!
how to impress a girl

A Few Tips on How To Impress A Girl

Don’t Desperately Chase
Okay Romeo, this one is really important. If you want to get laid, you have got to stop chasing the girl you’re trying to hook up with online. I know it sounds completely counter productive but if you’re not giving her anything to work towards then she doesn’t want to hook up with you. Trust me when I say that. I’ve fucked a lot of girls and none of them have ever said to me that they love when a guy is all over them. Women like a challenge too and looking to desperate is definitely not going to work to your advantage one bit. Rule of thumb is that if you contacted her once and she didn’t respond, don’t chase it. Instead, find another girl that is active and responsive. You’ll have a better chance at hooking up with her instead.

Make Her Guess
You absolutely must keep her guessing and by that I mean you must not share everything with your date. Laying all the cards out on the table will not work out as you intend. For example, telling her you are on a mission to meet local sluts to fuck isn’t going to score your points here! Instead, it will possibly work against you. So instead, I recommend that you always keep some ammo on the back burner that you can use to help move things along and give you a boost. No girls want to fuck a guy that’s too honest. It’s too weird.

Be A Gentleman
Once a gentlemen always a guy that gets his dick wet. That’s how that goes! Simple as that really. If you want to get laid, you can’t be an asshole or it won’t happen. I suggest being extra polite but remember to portray yourself as a strong man. In the event that you start to act like one of the douchebags on The Jersey Shore, then you’re going to be in big trouble. I promise you that.

Don’t Say Stupid Shit
This might be one of the most important tips. People that say stupid shit absolutely generally do not get very far in life. That logic follows across many aspects of life. Saying stupid shit can get you a lot of things, one of which most definitely is not laid! Keep your mouth to a minimum when it comes to stupid comments and you’ll do just fine.

Now, that my friend is likely the most important set of tips that you need to know in order to impress any half way normal girl. It’s really as easy as that. Follow the rules and get some action tonight!

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Flirty Conversation Starters To Help You Get Lucky

Ever been in a position to possibly get lucky yet you don’t know how to spark things up? I’ve been there too. I’ve got some surefire flirty conversation starters for you to use should you get in a jam and need to spark a conversation with someone you might want to fuck. These can be used both offline and online so feel free to try them out in both scenarios.

flirty conversation starters

Top 5 Flirty Conversation Starters

Here are a few of the easiest conversation starters that are likely to help you get lucky. It’s extremely easy to start a sexy conversation and one of these five will work for you for sure.

Guess what made me think of you today?
This one is an easy flirty conversation starter to go with. It’s a pretty common “go to” option for anyone that wants to turn on a potential partner. I’ve actually used this line on a couple of occasions where I wasn’t sure if I had a chance with someone and I wanted to just test the waters that day. I had been flirting with someone online that I me on a hookup site. This flirty conversation starter would also work for you if you had an old flame or someone that you’ve wanted to hook up with then I’d suggest you try using this line.

Would you rather…
This is another winning conversation starter as well. The questioning and the ultimatum is something that often gets people excited. I used this line on some local horny slut that I met online the other day. I was super forward with her and asked if she would rather lick my dick or have her pussy licked. Trust me, it got her thinking and her panties were definitely wet!

If you could do anything to me what would you do?
This is another flirty conversation starter that I know for a fact works. This type of conversation starter always gets the other person thinking which is exactly what you want when it comes to attracting someone. I tried this and it actually resulted in me having sex with some local girl that I met at a bar. I connected with her through an online dating app and we met at a bar. The sex was great. I had a fucking blast that night!

Wanna play a game with me?
If you haven’t started a conversation with, “Wanna play a game?” then you’re not doing everything that you can to get laid. Games are fun. They make most people want to get kinky or at least if the game is presented as such during the conversation. Now, I’ve never had this one work for me but I’ve come pretty damn close to getting lucky with this tactic.

Want to guess the color of my underwear? 
Lastly, this one is a surefire way to get a conversation going. It works especially well if you’re meeting someone in person and you’re starting a conversation with them at a local hotel bar or restaurant. This one-liner is a great way to start a conversation with someone that you have strong intentions on hooking up with.

Lets Fuck

Click here to get laid!

If none of these conversation starters get you laid or if they do nothing for you in terms of leading into a hot conversation with someone you want to bang then I want to know!

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Places Where You Can Meet Sluts To Fuck

Okay, when you’re extremely horny and you want to meet sluts to fuck in your area, you’re going to do almost anything you can in order to accomplish your task. Chances are it’s not going to be as difficult as it may seem. You have to first determine whether or not you think you’re in the right place at the right time, it might not be that impactful so long as you are using certain social networks that have been created to help you succeed. I’ve met a local slut in almost every single city or town that I’ve visited. Most of the time it’s been because I put a little effort into connecting with someone in an existing social network. Here’s a few places you can try to find sluts to fuck in almost any place in the United States.

On A Sex Dating Site

sluts to fuck

I’m a huge proponent of using websites to meet people. Of course, I have a dating site that I use to find sluts to fuck. It’s a never ending battle trying to find the right girl but this site makes it that much easier. I’d suggest giving it a shot and try your best to find someone to bang before the year is over. You’ve got more than a week and it shouldn’t even take more than one day. So Start there!

At The Grocery Store

grocery store

Another place you can meet sluts to fuck is the grocery store. This is often more common in metropolitan areas too. Once you come across a really sexy woman at the grocery store, you’ve got to compliment her or say something quirky that’s not weird if you want to really give a good first impression. There are a lot of women that go to the grocery store daily and I think they do this in an attempt to increase their chances of meeting someone to hook up with.

At A Bar

local bar

Local bars are great spots to meet some sluts. They get drunk, they get horny and they want to fuck. Doesn’t that sound great? You bet your ass it sounds great! What you need to do is step your game up and get some balls to talk to any hot women in the bar that you’re in. If you don’t think it works then you haven’t tried it. I’ve met a lot of women by just offering them a shot at the bar without even asking if they want one.

At Starbucks


Do you like your mocha latte drinks? So do all the local sluts in your area and they’re hanging out at Starbucks trying to meet up with someone to fuck. I’d suggest that you do not spend an awful lot of time working these girls but instead, let them come to you. Grab your laptop, buy a latte and hang out at Starbucks for a few weeks. You’ll be surprised the booty you can pull doing so!

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SnapSext is NOT a SCAM


Lately I’ve been trying to read some more dating reviews and I had to take just a brief moment to mention something I came across today. This extremely short update is on SnapSext which happens to be the latest site based on Snapchat except it involves having sex with random girls in your local area. These girls happen to be the same type of girls that you see on that Snap Chat site that get kicked off for posting explicit content. The guys from Fling decided to create SnapSext so those girls have a place to post their slutty videos and pics. I will give you my word that this site is definitely NOT a scam. It will get you laid for free and it’s all on your smartphone too. Try out Snap Sext and you won’t be sorry! If your not crazy about this site you can always try Instabang!

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MyHotBook Dating Scam

Have you ever heard of the site Well, it’s a really great site but certainly not the best one I’ve come across. There are plenty of other free dating websites out there that have hotter girls and local sluts seeking to bang anything that’s hard. In fact, My Hot Book is only a cover up for other dating sites such as ihookup and other sites. Meaning when you join you are not really joining the site itself but an affiliated site. It’s standard procedure, however we choose to just bring you the hottest local sluts we can find from our own database! What you don’t know WILL hurt you. We are telling you what the best hookup site is right here right now!

Try this instead of MyHotBook!

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Fuckbooks Are The Best

Fuckbooks are really the best dating sites. I’m going to tell you exactly why too. All the fuckbooks have the hottest girls and for the most part the girls are super sluts. They spend time fucking random men whenever they have the chance. Also, they spend more time fucking big cock guys when ever they can. If you’re one of these slut loving dudes then you will love the fuckbook sites. Do not waste time on any other sites. If you don’t get laid I will pay a membership for you to fuck girls all day long.

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Don’t Join Sex Dating Site

Do yourself a favor and do not join the site It really is not a good sex dating site. There are so many other sites out there that are legit and that will not cause you to be charged over and over. HiSlut is not even a real dating site. It’s a site that sends you to other dating sites. If you’re looking to join something where you can say hi to real sluts and even fuck them I suggest filling the form out above instead. It’s free and there are so many more members on our site versus the others. Don’t take my word for it though. Join yourself and you will see what I’m talking about!

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Is a Scam Dating Site?

So, I know many of you are familiar with the local sluts in your area and I’m sure you are aware that there are so many sites that offer sex dating in you local area. There are some that are flat out scams and there are others that work awesome which you will get laid on for sure!

This brings me to my next point of one that I would not join and that’s If you are looking for better results I would suggest joining instead. The members are hotter and we have way more members than most other sex dating sites. Look, if you want to find a girl, email her and fuck her tonight then I suggest filling out the form at the top to get started!

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Porn Tube Dating Site Ads Scam

I know that a bunch of you guys visit tube sites on a regular basis to check out hot sex videos. I can’t take one more day of hearing lot seeing these craigslist sex dating ads on tube sites like Pornhub, YouPorn and YouJizz. They are all bullshit ads trying to get you to just click on the ads. In fact, most of these dating sites are scams or they just are shitty quality dating sites.

It’s really best to stop wasting your time and just join our local slut dating site.  You will have far more luck with us than you will the others. I can guarantee it too! Find local sluts here instead!


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